DA Harrison Case Study

February 14, 2017

Established in 1958, DA Harrison is one of the leading haulage firms in Cumbria, and has diversified to offer a number of products including pallet manufacturing, skip hire and waste recovery.

With a clear strategy and vision, the company knows where it wants to go and will take the employees along.

The Edge’s training available through System People has enabled a cultural shift which has opened DA Harrison’s business to new markets allowing them to achieve further while simultaneously energising the workforce and ensuring it is equipped to deal with day to day problems.

Judy Williamson, one of the directors at DA Harrison, believes that there will be both long and short term effects for the company that has seen drivers react positively to the training and will also bring lasting benefits.

Judy said: “We’ve found it really beneficial to ourselves as a business and to the drivers who all seem to have enjoyed it a lot. We have accessed a safe and fuel efficient driving qualification as well as some additional health and safety. The drivers have really taken it all on board. We’ve found that they’re happier, more productive and safety conscious. The drivers at DA Harrison have realised ambition through training and the positive reaction of the workforce.”

The company will continue to grow as a result of the work done by the drivers, The Edge and System People. Judy said: “Our staff are more aware of what to do and how to do it safely than they were before and they’ve really enjoyed being out with the driving instructor.”

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