Green Lane House

Understanding dementia can be difficult for everyone involved. But at Green Lane House in Brampton – a residential home for the elderly – they are keen to help both patients and their carers.

Claire Pratt, manager at the home, said: “We have about 25 residents and 30 staff – some of them are part time.

“We use person centred care with our dementia patients so we try to find out about their life and their history so that we can get an insight into what they are not able to tell us to try and gauge their preferences.”

Staff at the home recently went on a course to understand the process and experience of dementia.

The activity was funded through The Edge.

Claire said: “The course covered the role of communication and interaction for individuals with dementia.”

One of those who took part in the course was Phoebe Spears, a care assistant who works at the home.

Claire said: “We sent about 10 staff on the course. Phoebe was a fairly new carer so she benefited enormously from the course. Some of the others were more experienced staff but it’s good to do refresher courses once in a while.”

The course, provided by RWP Training, was done in house.

Claire said: “Phoebe now feels more confident working with dementia patients and has a better understanding of their needs.

“I do some of the staff supervisions in the home and the feedback from carers is that they found the course useful in their day to day work.”

Phoebe has now embarked on an apprenticeship in Adult Care Level 2 with RWP Training. She will consider progression to Level 3 and become a senior carer in the future.