Pioneer Foodservice Case Study

February 14, 2017

Pioneer Foodservice is a family business employing staff across four sites in Cumbria and the north east. The company supplies fresh meats, fish, groceries, frozen foods, fruit and vegetables, cleaning & hygiene products and tableware to the catering trade using a fleet of 60 refrigerated vehicles, from southern Scotland down to Manchester. Committed to a system of “promoting from within.”

Pioneer has endeavoured to help employees reach their maximum potential. Funded Edge training available through System People helped Pioneer to train members of staff and further their own knowledge to ensure that customers were receiving an enhanced service.

Managing director Graham Jenkins said: “The training delivered to us with The Edge funding has enabled the operating standard of our team of drivers to keep pace with the growth in company sales, meaning we can deliver more products to more customers with better trained and qualified drivers, with a lesser impact on the environment around us.”

Up to 80 per cent of Pioneer’s sales are delivered by road meaning that it is essential for drivers to fully understand the benefits of training in fuel efficient driving as well as customer service.

Graham said: “Our drivers see more of our customers than any other group of employees so staff retention and satisfaction amongst them is vital if we are to provide a consistently high service. The driver training has been invaluable in this respect.”

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